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Briquette 02 [FW02]

Fire Logs for Wood Burners | Sawdust Briquettes

A note from the provider: HARDWOOD BIRCH: Lekto Sawdust Briquettes are made from 100% pure, dense, hardwood birch sawdust. They are economical as they are equivalent to 3 - 4 traditional logs & are great to be used as your main fuel. Extra dry with a moisture content below 9%. ECO FRIENDLY: We don’t cut down any trees to make our briquettes. To make our Sawdust Briquettes, we only use sustainability managed hardwood sawdust from sawmills which is a natural by-product. "Ready To Burn" Certified. VERSATILE USES: Sawdust Briquettes are designed to catch fire quickly, without sparking or expanding. They are suitable for use outdoors for fireplaces, multi-fuel stoves, chiminea and open fires. INCLUDED IN THE BOX: These Sawdust Briquettes are supplied in easy to store cardboard boxes. Each brick is 15 x 6.5 x 9cm, making them easier to store. Make the most of your firewood by combining them with Lekto’s kindling and FirelightersBriquette 02

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